Entry and Intercom Systems

Multitenant buildings require entry and intercom systems even when there is a doorman. Whether it’s providing a video intercom, a virtual/remote doorman, or other type of entry/intercom system, we can design and implement a system which meets your buildings unique requirements with innovative solutions.

Video Surveillance and Analytics

The most basic function of a video surveillance is deterrence and it is often considered one of the most effective methods of reducing crime. However today's video surveillance systems are far more capable and can be used to detect persons or events in real time. Technologies such as facial recognition can be used to allow your security infrastructure to be more intelligent and reactive.

Access Control Systems

If you have one door or hundreds at multiple sites that need to be controlled, Empire Shield can design a system that will accomplish your objectives. Whether it's using biometrics and/or access cards, we have solutions to meet your security and budgetary requirements. Empire Shield can help you to design and implement right solution for your business.